Jeff Napala

What do you want your riders to get/feel from your classes? 
I want my riders to feel strong, inspired and empowered. SpinCo Podium is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle - the effort you put in on the bike will translate to other aspects of your life. I want my riders to leave class feeling like they can absolutely accomplish anything and everything!
What can riders look forward to when they welcome you into their home with Podium?
A high energy class full of sick beats and fun choreo! Oh, and lots of races!
Do you have a training philosophy?
"Inspire others through mastering myself" My riders trust me with coaching and developing them into strong riders, therefore I make it my obligation to ensure I keep striving for my life path to be as mentally, physically, and emotionally strong as possible.
What is your favourite artist or song to teach to? 
I tend to lean towards edm/techno/trance tracks. My all time fave track to teach/ride to is Cryptic Speech - Umek

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