Jennifer D'Alimonte

What can riders look forward to when they welcome you into their home with Podium?
A wild ride! I love the energy that we can create on that bike, by letting go of our inhibitions and pushing our limits. I like to challenge riders with fun choreography and heavy climbs with lots of isolations! It’s a great way to discover what your capable of, all while riding to the beat. My taste in music is also wild – my classes have been described as a mix tape – you never know what you’re going to get! I love to throw in some old school hip hop, some sassy pop tracks, a delicious techno beat drop and of course a classic SPINCO banger that gives you all the feels. By being my silly self, I hope to encourage riders to let their inner wild child out while riding with me. One thing I promise riders is that if they promise to get out of their comfort zone together with me, we will always have a good time discovering what lies ahead of that next dial turn together.
What keeps you motivated?
This community. When I first started riding it was all about me; the rush I got, the power I felt, my personal improvements. Ever since I got on the Podium and started teaching, everything changed. I realized that just by showing up and giving it my all I have the power to make a difference in someone’s day. It’s incredibly humbling and motivating to realize that my efforts actually have an impact; but what I’ve realized is there’s nothing special about me – we all have it in us to make that difference, to have that impact – just by showing up for ourselves and giving everything we got. That knowledge, that awareness of our own inner power – that’s what keeps me motivated to add that extra turn, to sprint that extra thirty seconds and to dance like no one is watching. I want to show riders in the community that their commitment to themselves matters, that we are in this together and we push each other across the country to succeed as one.

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