MA Meerasabeer

Meet MA!
MA (she/her) is an Instructor at SpincoThornhill on a mission to inspire and empower others to reach their highest potential both on and off the bike. On the podium, MA rides to a diverse range of music and artists from Reggaeton to Afrobeats to Hip-Hop throwbacks and believes that every class should be a party! Off the bike, MA owns and runs a small social enterprise and works at a not-for-profit organization supporting Ontario SMEs. She is a former University of Toronto Varsity Blues Women's Lacrosse Team Captain and All-Star Athlete and has been riding at SPINCO for 3 amazing years.
MA believes that everyone should have access to a safe space to work, sweat and achieve, which is precisely what Podium has to offer. She believes that Podium is a unique opportunity for riders to show up for themselves and push past their own limits to achieve their highest self.

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