Tricia Kopec

What do you want your riders to get/feel from your classes? 
When my riders step off the Podium I want them to feel empowered and strong! I truly believe everything you do on the bike, no matter how small, is helping build who you are off the bike. I also want you to have fun and truly love the 20-50 minutes we spend together because in that time you're growing yourself and pushing your potential.
What keeps you motivated?
Knowing that my potential is infinite and I can always take whatever I am doing to the next level. In doing so, being able to show and encourage others to get to that place in their life as well.
Do you have a training philosophy?
Movement is Power
What can riders look forward to when they welcome you into their home with Podium?
ou're going to get a high energy, positive coach and a cheerleader who believes in you and is going to challenge you to areas that are uncomfortable and intense but that will leave you feeling empowered! You'll get someone who is going to encourage and push you not just physically but mentally, in the best ways. I want to see you succeed and show yourself what you can do.
What is your favourite artist or song to teach to? 
There are so many and it changes all of the time! My go-to music is deep house, anything Rüfüs Du Sol or tropical house, and I love a good J Biebs track.
What are 3 words that describe you?
Energetic, Motivating, Spicy (jump on the bike and find out what that means 😉)

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